Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tesla Pt 1

Forgive the gap between the review and where I am with him today. I've just been keeping my head down trying to get to grips with him. I confess I'm not finding this guy easy, I don't know why that's the case, it just is. Maybe it's because I'm making some bold colour choices, particularly the purple. However I think one of the next stages will pull it all together.

My friends know that I have a love of colour and it seems that I try to take a step beyond the normal boundaries when I'm painting. Sometimes that works and other times not. But it's important for me to try. 

The other day I was considering how the world looks to someone who's colour blind. Curious as to how things look I found some websites that convert pictures into how the different types of colour blind people see colours. I must say it nearly brought a tear to my eye, loosing the pleasure of vivid reds and the fiery living feeling it can give. I know those people know no different but imagine the sensory overload they would get from seeing a poppy field or even a baboons arse!

I digress - here's where I'm at with Tesla..... 

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