Wednesday, 29 July 2015

30 Sec Tutorial - Recycle your old brushes to make stippling brushes

This is truly a 30 sec tutorial and is another tip that was passed on by David Zabrocki. When the tip of your brush has waved goodbye and you've moved on to a new one you can easily create a stippling brush by cutting off the tip.

Stippling creates a lovely textured effect - I used it to create the tweed cloth on Tesla's trousers and the rust effect on this orc blade (painted within months of me starting this hobby). 

Badger Pt1


I've been working late into the night painting this fantastic little guy - Badger from Infamy Miniatures sculpted by the amazing Patrick Masson - and loving it! 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tesla - Finished

Hey friends, 

I've finished Tesla, handed him over to James at Infamy Towers and I can now bask in the glory of knowing another project is finished. Oh, and start planning the next one :)

Putty and Paint Voting 
CMON Voting 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tesla Pt5

Jumping many steps between Pt 4 and 5 we see Tesla nearing completion. As you can see I've gone down a true metallic route for the metals, steel and brass. Once again when I get some time (I guess as of next week) I'll add a couple more 30sec tutorials on how i achieve these effects quickly). 

On another note if any of you play Destiny on PS4 and fancy a game add me, my psn is son_of_megazord. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tesla Pt 3

Hopefully you'll see now I'm trying to bring all the colours (especially that purple) back together!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tesla Pt 2

This evening I've been painting Teslas trousers. I've gone for a tweed look, which is rather stippled as opposed to completely smooth. I can see another 30sec tutorial on this coming online in the coming few days :)

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tesla Pt 1

Forgive the gap between the review and where I am with him today. I've just been keeping my head down trying to get to grips with him. I confess I'm not finding this guy easy, I don't know why that's the case, it just is. Maybe it's because I'm making some bold colour choices, particularly the purple. However I think one of the next stages will pull it all together.

My friends know that I have a love of colour and it seems that I try to take a step beyond the normal boundaries when I'm painting. Sometimes that works and other times not. But it's important for me to try. 

The other day I was considering how the world looks to someone who's colour blind. Curious as to how things look I found some websites that convert pictures into how the different types of colour blind people see colours. I must say it nearly brought a tear to my eye, loosing the pleasure of vivid reds and the fiery living feeling it can give. I know those people know no different but imagine the sensory overload they would get from seeing a poppy field or even a baboons arse!

I digress - here's where I'm at with Tesla..... 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review - Electromagnet Tesla 54mm from Infamy Miniatures

Just a short review of Infamy Miniature Electromagnet Tesla in 54mm. 

This guy comes in 4 parts, main body, left and right hands and a large cog. The individual parts are located via hexagonal pins which will make assembly really easy and secure. I've not see this kind of fitting before and its to be applauded as it takes the pinning and dodgy fitting out of the equation.

There's a minimum amount of flash to remove, actually 90% came off with a gentle rub with my finger. The cast of the figure and hands is perfect, even spotting the mold line is difficult and clean up virtually none existent. To be honest I did find a single air bubble on the large cog but this really isn't an issue or a difficult fix. 

The design itself is well detailed, crisp and very clean. Obviously a digital sculpt but it doesn't suffer for it, actually the design suits the medium and vice versa. 

Just to say that you're going to be seeing a lot more of him as he's going to be my next project! 

30sec Tutorial - Black lining and edge highlighting

For this 30 sec tutorial a large nod goes out to my friend David Zabrocki for pointing this out to me. Painting your black lining and edge highlights this way really is a great way of creating contrast and separation between the different areas of the model.

For amazing examples of how this works check out David's website -

Paint very carefully the top and bottom of a raised area dark and then edge highlight (as I've shown in the diagram). 

The Butcher Pt9

Other than a few touch ups here and there I think this guy is pretty much finished, I had a blast painting him - Thanks Terrible Kids Stuff! Of course there's always the base to do now :)