Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Butcher Pt 1

I spent 90mins this evening on his face and whilst a little pale I can see the direction I want to go in. More shading I think. 

30sec Tutorial - Add green to your flesh tones!

In what I hope will be a series of 30sec tutorials heres the first!

Try adding green into your flesh tone, it darkness the flesh without making it too purple of oververtly saturated. 

In the following picture the left had side has green in the deepest shadows (and whilst rough) the right doesn't. 

Here are the colours I've used for his face - 

and the pallette - 

On the Bench

I'm sure as many of you know I post lots of wip pictures - seeing things on a computer screen and getting feedback has helped me so much over the years. So I'm going to continue in that theme and post lots of wip pictures. 

Last weekend I finished Mole from Infamy miniatures - 

Pictures on CMON and a Putty and Paint Votey Link

But once I finish a job I always get post paint blues - I have to leave the hobby alone for a week or so I can get my mojo back. I don't know if it's relief from the constant thinking of the work in hand or the sadness for having it finished, or maybe even the stress over an empty page not having a project on the go. Either way after finishing something I leave things alone until I'm itching to get my brushes out again. This afternoon the need to start something new hit me so I assembled this amazing guy from one of my favorite companies Terrible Kids Stuff. 

I'm looking forward to getting some paint on him this afternoon and evening!
Hey Friends and Fellow Painters,

As it seems to be a popular trend these days I've decided to start my own blog - so here it is! It's still very much work in progress - everything is likely to change in the coming days and weeks but it's a starting point at the very least.