Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review - Electromagnet Tesla 54mm from Infamy Miniatures

Just a short review of Infamy Miniature Electromagnet Tesla in 54mm. 

This guy comes in 4 parts, main body, left and right hands and a large cog. The individual parts are located via hexagonal pins which will make assembly really easy and secure. I've not see this kind of fitting before and its to be applauded as it takes the pinning and dodgy fitting out of the equation.

There's a minimum amount of flash to remove, actually 90% came off with a gentle rub with my finger. The cast of the figure and hands is perfect, even spotting the mold line is difficult and clean up virtually none existent. To be honest I did find a single air bubble on the large cog but this really isn't an issue or a difficult fix. 

The design itself is well detailed, crisp and very clean. Obviously a digital sculpt but it doesn't suffer for it, actually the design suits the medium and vice versa. 

Just to say that you're going to be seeing a lot more of him as he's going to be my next project! 

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  1. Great stuff, he's on my shopping list when the Black Market opens up on Tesla's Birthday.