Tuesday, 9 June 2015

30sec Tutorial - Seeing the whites of his eyes

As with all these tutorials this is how I approach my work and shouldn't be considered the only or best way of painitng, rather it's just another option. But I hope these are bringing an insight into how I paint and to give you something new to try. 

Today I want to mention the colour of eyes: I normally paint the whites of the eyes in either a flesh tone (Vallejo Light flesh normally) or GW Space Wolves Grey as I find pure white is way too stark. I then allow some GW Ogryn Flesh to pool in the edges around the eye lids. I've found doing things this way I get a much more natural looking eye. 


  1. It looks like you have a black line outlining the eye ball. Do you paint the eye black and then add the whitish color, leaving just a faint black line? Or is the dark lining of the eyeball done later?

  2. I'm talking about the bottom pic, but maybe this is just the Ogryn you spoke of

  3. Ah that would be a dark skin shade on the flat part of the eyelid itself rather than a black line around the eyeball. There's no black in there rather dark reddish skin on the eyelid and ogryn on the ball. On another note on that model the blue part of the eye needs the addition of a lighter blue at the bottom to give then more depth, but that's a tutorial for another day :)