Saturday, 27 June 2015

30 Sec Tutorial - Stripping a section!

From time to time I make error, heck I make a lot of them but most I can live with (and lets remember it's all a learning process) but others I need to do something about. If I can't paint over the error I strip the area and start again. This isn't as horrible as it sounds - using a cotton wool bud (Q tip) and some airbrush cleaner it's quite easy to gentle wipe paint away from your mini. 

A couple of things to remember - less cleaner the better, just a drip on the bud is all that's needed - the idea is that the liquid shouldn't run out of the wool but it should just be damp. Also try to strip an area within a boundary or up to an edge. This way you wont get a step in the following rework, but rather the step is hidden on a boundary or edge. Gentle wipe the paint until it comes off and soaks into the bud. 

I found some pointy buds at a recent model show that are sold for cleaning airbrushes, these are ideal as they're rather stiffer than normal ones and are pointy to help get in tight areas. 

But try and test the method before you use it for real!

On the Butcher I was lazy by using drying metallic paint on the axe head, this left the surface finish rough which looked grim. Using this method I took the paint off, brush primed and started again.

On the Afghan tribesman I wasn't happy with his face so I stripped it using this method and retried....

Oh - it's a dirty stripper!

Before = 

During =

After =